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2018-2020: While exploring opportunities to solve global payout challenges, the founders focused on developing software to manage distributed teams, contracts, timesheets, and payment in fiat resulting in several apps. The Grindery Slack App  listed in the Slack App directory produced several thousand installs. 
2021: The team experimented with different DAO and multisig wallet integrations on different blockchains, including Harmony. This resulted in multiple Hackathon wins, grants and products launched  on the mainnet. The team prototyped several parts of the technology required for the road ahead including metadata management, Web2 integration, and batch processing as shown in demos .  
Q1-2022: The team further developed the infrastructure aspects of its product and developed the resulting Lite Paper . Grindery secured additional grants from Near, Flow, and Algorand and ultimately joined Binance Labs Season 4.  


Keep up the good work! 

We are still in the early stages of the project and as a small team and community dependent on grants to accomplish milestones. This is our preliminary roadmap. 
Q2-Q3 2022 - A centralized, monolithic prototype system that uses Workflow JSON to move data Web2-Web3, Web3-Web3 cross chain and Web3-Web2. Proof the possibility and value of a unified/uniform engine. 
2022 - Allow to add new signals and new gateways without modifying the core system. Make it composable and modular. This includes credential manager and adding signal/gateways JSONS. 
2022 - Implement signal and gateway redundancy to not have to not have single points of failure and dependency. 
2022 - Decentralize storage of all critical data including metadata, all JSONs, credentials and anything else that is still stored centralized. 
2023 - Implement nodes. This will be the biggest step from a technological perspective. Get all components of the workflow engine to operate decentralized. Including payments. 
2023 - Decentralize the protocol control by creating a DAO and governance system to hand the entire system to the community. 
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