Executive Summary

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Web3 decentralized applications (dApps) need more integrations. 
Traditionally dApps have been integrated one by one. Then Oracles and Automators made it faster for developers, safer for operators, and more decentralized. 
We can not build all integrations in this way because it's like reinventing the wheel over and over and relying on expensive developers for it.. 
There is a solution. 
Web2 Apps have delegated a good part of integrations to their users. Today, every successful Web2 SaaS company has its own marketplace for integrations, and its users can configure these integrations themselves. 
This is what Web3 dApps need to do: empower their users with  do it yourself (DIY) integrations . Grindery allows dApps to do that. 
Grindery is a decentralized system that can interact with smart contracts and Web2 APIs. It allows users to define workflows with time, state, and event triggers to execute smart contracts and Web2 API transactions. In short, a unified, seamless on-, off-, and cross-chain integration. 
A Zapier for Web3.  
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