The Team

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Our project emerged from a network of globally distributed freelancers and a handful of companies. The founders of these companies (Alberto Contreras , Christian Hindemith,  Lital Barkan , David Macias , and Oscar Frese ) co-created Grindery, and the freelancers are our genesis community. From day one, the project has been led by Tim Delhaes  and David Semakula . 
David Semakula is an experienced full-stack developer with previous experience  developing freelance marketplaces. Tim is a serial entrepreneur who has built, sold, and crashed multiple start-ups in South America and Silicon Valley. Over the last eight years, Tim has also led the journey of the mentioned agency group (Inboundlabs ) from a three-person team to a leading HubSpot partner with over five hundred customers. 
The companies have, over the years, gained product development experience by delivering products like HubSpot Match , HubSpot Grader , HubSpot Code Gallary , and HubSpot Inspire  directly for HubSpot. This has given the founding team deep insights into marketplaces, ecosystems, and networks. 
Recently, Christian Geissendoerfer  has joined Tim and David in the leadership of Grindery. Christian’s experiences in business development and venture building across Europe and Asia will drive the project's fundraising and partnership development. In April 2022 Joe and Egor  joined the development team. Joe  has been working alongside Tim and Alberto for over ten years and been lead developer to InboundLabs. Egor has worked over five years with the team across dozens of projects. 
Grindery now has not only access to more developers but - unlike many other blockchain-focused projects - access to key skills needed to run a successful startup through the InboundLabs network: UI/UX designers, community, content, SEO, and SEM experts, and many more web and digital marketing professionals. 
The company’s networks and founders in Germany, the USA, Southeast Asia, Spain, and Mexico will be important proxies into the specific regions and markets. The InboundLabs network is increasing its focus on DAOs as a target market for its agency services, which will go hand in hand with the DAO route to market strategy of Grindery.  
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